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Cosmin Iuga
Cosmin Iuga
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Hello. Can someone please help? Thank you kindly

SELECT address || 'street' AS "Street" ||", "|| 'city' AS "City" ||", "||'state' AS "State" ||", "||'zip' AS "ZIP" ||", "||'country' AS "Country" FROM addresses;

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You have the right idea, but there's a few issues yet:

  • there's no "address" field to select from
  • field names don't need to be enclosed in quote marks
  • only one alias can be applied to the entire concatenated string
  • the instructions say "Alias the concatenated string as address"
  • there should be no punctuation between the state and zip
  • the punctuation between zip and country should be period (.) instead of comma (,)