iOS Build a Simple iPhone App with Swift View Controllers and Views Introduction to View Controllers

Hello, do you have updated content for Xcode 11?

This video is great but does not align with current version. I have figured out some parts through trial and error but need more help.

Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen
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Swift recently release another ways to work with user interface, that is Swift UI. This course is taught in storyboards, make sure you set user interface to Storyboards instead of SwiftUI when you setting up a new project.

Here is the guidance:

If you still have problem with unsupported version of Swift. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to your Xcode Project.
  2. Click FunFacts ( with the blue Xcode Icon)
  3. Go to Build Settings/ Basics-Combined
  4. Find section called: Swift Compiler - Language
  5. Set Swift Language Version to "swift 4"

You will able to work with the apps without any problems. Feel free to ask with any further problems