Hello. I'm stuck at the switch statement chalenge and I would need some help to solve it.

Zimri Leijen
Zimri Leijen
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What have you tried so far, where are you getting stuck?

I'm getting stuck at the the switch statement.... I'm not sure if know hoe to use properly. I can send u screenshot if that could help.

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Zimri Leijen
Zimri Leijen
11,676 Points
switch (condition)
  case "a": // in other words if condition == a
     // action a (for example europeanCapitals.append(value)
  case "b":
    // action b
    // fallback action when neither of the cases match

you could use key as your condition and append the value to the right array.

You'll have to make some kind of lookup table for which city belongs to which continent.

Im not sure how to make an lookup table or what do u mean by that, Im learning swift for a short time