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General Discussion

Ivan Maziy
Ivan Maziy
Courses Plus Student 2,032 Points

Hello!! New here i Need Guide..

Hello Im new on the treehouse community.

my final destenation is build apps on both platforms and mobile web...

i know HTML CSS AND JAVASCRIPT but not much and no real expiriance.. id like to know what are the tracks and lessons are needed to reach the destenation :))) all i know is that i need to learn (HTML-HTML5, CSS-CSS3,JAVASCRIPT,JSAngular,Bootstrap,jQuery,MySQL,JAVA,SWIFT,)


looking forward for your answers THANK YOU

3 Answers

None of the tracks will have the exact path you're looking for. I'd recommend you take up several different tracks, starting with the "Front End Web Development" tracks, then the "Full Stack JavaScript" track. Those two tracks overlap a bit, and seem to cover the majority of what you're looking to learn. For me, the tracks worked best when finding a few books to go along with specific courses.

Ivan Maziy
Ivan Maziy
Courses Plus Student 2,032 Points

thanks :) btw theres like a class to learn that stuff its twice a week for morning study for 8 months they cover what i wrote above and its like 6000$ but what they do is they just cover fundumentals and after you need still to study at home from internet... what do you think its worth it or should i just stick here?

id like to know your opinion


Neil Anuskiewicz
Neil Anuskiewicz
11,007 Points

Ivan, are you considering this more structured alternative because it involves showing up for a class every day and having an instructor to be accountable to? If so, there's something to be said for that. Whether it's worth it or not depends on whether you think you could work just as hard with a self paced program like Treehouse? If so, you could achieve the same objectives through Treehouse for a fraction of the cost and come out free and clear of any debt.

Is there time to test out StreamSend by trying out a course or two before you have to decide on the other program?

Sorry for my late response, Ivan. I simply don't know enough information to answer that question with a straight answer. However, I can speak from experience, a bit. I've been teaching myself how to program for since my senior year in high school, about two years ago. I've been using Treehouse since then. I've used many books to help supplement my learning; one of my favorites being The Missing Manual series by David Sawyer McFarland (who's ironically a teacher here now). Much of the beginner level material, especially when it comes to front end development, can be learned on your own - with dedication. I've gone through tons of books highlighting, and have notebooks each dedicated to a specific language or concept that has notes I've taken from books and videos. For me, if I don't write it down, it doesn't feel like it'll stick in my head. I can honestly say I've clocked hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours of studying. However, I'm a self-learner. I've taught myself differential & integral calculus, and many other subjects. I'm saying this because I know, for me, self-learning works. I know that I'll put in the time, and consistently redo courses on here until I've mastered it. If you feel confident that you can keep yourself focused, then I certainly say learn the basics on your own. I will say, if the class only covers the basics of front end development (HTML, CSS, beginner JavaScript/JQuery), I don't think that's worth $6000. I'd suggest learning the beginner material on your own, THEN taking on a bootcamp of sorts, to learn more advanced material.

I recently decided that I may try out FullStack Academy. I'm fairly new to fulklstack development, and I want to get into the working force really soon. I decided that I'll take some time off of college and try this out. What I've seen is, many programs will offer scholarships to people that prove to be intermediate of sorts. The programs/bootcamps want these intermediate people, because it helps their reputation when a program graduate performs well when placed for work. So, this may be an incentive to continue using Treehouse, and perhaps plan to enter a program once you've established a decent project portfolio; since it could save thousands. These programs can also be good networking; which I've heard is perhaps one of the most important tools for a programmer.

Also, what program are you looking to join?

Ivan Maziy
Ivan Maziy
Courses Plus Student 2,032 Points

im looking for app development carer... now i got a week off il stick in treehouse and see im i can do this by my self....

i did all the props and cons and the class im taking is sighting a contract with all the students that passes on the courses and they are suplying a job so you can start earning real life experiance what i thing is the MOST importment thing in programing and to find a job is expirience...

beside that the class sucks... expensive,twice a week(9 to 5), lots of studying at home, still need to work(wife,kids)... not easy...

well il check the treehouse for the next cuople of days more maybe il take them both :))))

Thanks for Help!!!