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Hello, the rule hyphens: auto; doesn't work no matter what, could someone please explain why?

I even checked Anwar's complete HTML/CSS file by inspecting it with device toolbar and yet it still doesn't show hyphens. Could there be something wrong with my browser? Thanks.

Darrin Fagley
Darrin Fagley
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Could be the size of your browser window, if it is big enough that all the lines are fitting on the same line there would be no hyphens. Have you tried viewing it at different screen sizes?

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Anwar Montasir
Anwar Montasir
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Hi Tuvia,

According to Can I use... older versions of Chrome don't support hyphens on platforms other than Android and Mac, so it might depend on the browser and machine you're using.

Unfortunately, neither answer worked but I know for a fact it has something to do with my machine/browser so I'm not too worried. Thanks Guys!

If it makes you feel any better, it doesn't work on my machine/browser either. I have tried using both up to date versions of Chrome and Edge, same result on both, even though according to the Can I use... website linked above, they should both be compatible.