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Thomas Grzesiakowski
Thomas Grzesiakowski
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Hello unfortunately when I run my first "rake spec" in command prompt I get 4 failures.

(1) todo_lists/show renters attributes in <p></p> (2) todo_lists/new renders new todo_list form <p></p> (3)todo_lists/edit renders the edit todo_list form<p></p> (4)todo_lists/index renders a list of todo_lists<p></p>

All four of these errors occured in files automatically set up by the scaffold so I dont know how they could be incorrect. I had previously experienced a few errors just due to using old gems from the video tutorial but I usually update those gems via bundle install and all is fine. But for some reason these errors dont see solveable at my current skill level and I'm stuck for the moment.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

Hey Thomas,

I had the same problem. After googling the issue I found you must add the 'rspec-activemodel-mocks' gem to your gemfile and then re-run 'bundle install'.

*Edit: this goes in your :development, :test group in the gemfile.

gem 'rspec-activemodel-mocks', '~> 1.0.2'

I'm disappointed that treehouse keeps such outdated videos in their library and don't answer questions promptly.