JavaScript JavaScript Basics (Retired) Storing and Tracking Information with Variables Using String Methods

Fidel Zv
Fidel Zv
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Help I am stuck on this challenge and I am trying to put in the code but its showing me syntax error

The challenge is to...Finally, add a # symbol and lastName in uppercase to the end of the userName string. The final value of userName is "23188XTR#SMITH".

var id = "23188xtr";
var lastName = "Smith";

var userName = id.toUpperCase('#') + lastName;
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Hello, as far as I know, the function .toUpperCase() doesn't take any value inside the parentheses. You can just put var userName = id.toUpperCase() + "#" + lastName.toUpperCase() .It should work.

Hope this helped :-)

Dan Maliano
Dan Maliano
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var userName = id.toUpperCase() + "#" + lastName.toUpperCase();
Derek Hutson
Derek Hutson
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Almost! Make the # into its own string, and capitalize the lastName and you have it! var userName = id.toUpperCase( ) + '#' + lastName.toUpperCase( );

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Camilo Lucero
Camilo Lucero
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Your current result is "23188XTRSmith" instead of the "23188XTR#SMITH" that we want to get.

This is because you are only converting to uppercase the id, but not the lastname.

You could get away with just using twice the toUpperCase method, but a smarter way is to concatenate first and use the method just once on the result:

var id = "23188xtr";
var lastName = "Smith";

var userName = (id + '#' + lastName).toUpperCase();

This way your code has better readability and less operations.