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Stéphanie Abdel Malek
Stéphanie Abdel Malek
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Help! I can't find the error in my code...

I can't see what's wrong with this code...
// I have imported for you.  It is a variable called console.
//public class Introductions {

public static void main(String[] args) {
Console console = System.console();
String firstName = console.readLine("What is your name?  ");
console.printf("Hello my name is %s\n", firstName);
  console.printf("%s is learning how to write in Java\n",firstName);

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Steve Hunter
Steve Hunter
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Hi Stephanie,

The problem here is that you've done too much!

You don't need the main method or the Console object, the challenge provides that for you. The first task says Declare a variable that is named the camel-cased version of "first name". Store the user's first name into this new variable using console.readLine. For which you just the line of code you have already written:

String firstName = console.readLine("What is your name?  ");

Next, you do the same to store the user's last name. You then have a couple of tasks to output those variables. But there's no need to create all the code a working app would have; just follow the instructions line-by-line and you'll be fine.


Hi Stephanie,

You left off the closing parenthesis on the last statement. :-)

Dee Dee