iOS Object-Oriented Objective-C Diving Deeper - Classes, Properties and Methods Creating Methods!

Luis Paulino
Luis Paulino
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Help, I don't know what to do from here!!!!

I'm pretty sure I'm writing it wrong, but it's fun figuring it out. Also, How do I write the meat of the code?

Hi Luis,

You can find a hint below.

Method declaration:

  1. Method has to be called 'calculateTip' (You have it)
  2. Method has to take variable as a parameter (You don have it)
  3. Method has to return a float value (You dont have it)

Specifically, in your case you have different signature for method declaration and definition. (in decalration calculateTip doesnt retrun value - retrun void, but in definition the method has to retrun pointer to the method itself - what is nonsense)

Hope it helps