iOS Functions in Swift Adding Power to Functions Returning Complex Values

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In this challenge, we have the following geographical coordinates

Eiffel Tower - lat: 48.8582, lon: 2.2945 Great Pyramid - lat: 29.9792, lon: 31.1344 Sydney Opera House - lat: 33.8587, lon: 151.2140

Declare a function named coordinates that takes a single parameter of type String, with an external name for, a local name of location, and returns a tuple containing two Double values (Note: You do not have to name the return values). For example, if I use your function and pass in the string "Eiffel Tower" as an argument, I should get (48.8582, 2.2945) as the value. If a string is passed in that doesn’t match the set above, return (0,0)

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Luis avila
Luis avila
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Hi, this was my solution and it was accepted after submitting:

```func getTowerCoordinates(location: String) -> (Double, Double) {

var lat: Double = 0.0, lon: Double = 0.0

switch location {
case "Eiffel Tower": lat = 48.8582; lon = 2.2945
case "Great Pyramid": lat = 29.9792; lon = 31.1344
case "Sydney Opera House": lat = 33.8587;  lon = 151.2140
default: return (0,0)

return (lat, lon) }```

switch statements, you're taking a variable and comparing the value against multiple cases within the closure. If the value matches up with a specific case, the code following that case is executed and the application breaks out of that switch statement. If the value doesn't match up with a specific case, the default case's code is executed and the application breaks out of that switch statement.