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siva sanka
siva sanka
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help me regarding this

This challenge is similar to an earlier one. Remember, though, I want you to practice! You'll probably want to use try and except on this one. You might have to not use the else block, though.

Write a function named squared that takes a single argument.

If the argument can be converted into an integer, convert it and return the square of the number (num ** 2 or num * num).

If the argument cannot be turned into an integer (maybe it's a string of non-numbers?), return the argument multiplied by its length. Look in the file for examples.
# squared(5) would return 25
# squared("2") would return 4
# squared("tim") would return "timtimtim"

Hey siva! Do you not understand the wording of the challenge, or do you have trouble figuring out how to code it?

1 Answer

def squared(item): try: int(item) except: return item * len(item) else: return int(item) ** 2

The point of the challenge is to teach you the try except else flow control.

The else clause runs when there is no exception but before the finally-clause. Without it the only option to run additional