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help me with this problem

I am not understanding what to do.

// After you've completed the TODOs locally paste here
// After you've completed the TODOs locally paste here
#  This is essentially what I am testing 
1.  The user is prompted for a new string template (the one with the double underscores in it).

  a. The prompter class has a new method that prompts for the story template, and that method is called.

2.  The user is then prompted for each word that has been double underscored.

   a. The answer is checked to see if it is contained in the censored words.
      User is continually prompted until they enter a valid word

3.  The user is presented with the completed story

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Steve Hunter
Steve Hunter
Treehouse Moderator 57,564 Points

Hi there,

Within the teachers notes, in the 'downloads' area, you can download the project files and extract them from a zip file.

Inside the code, there are comments marked 'TODO'. These are what you need to implement. At the moment there's some fake results in there - this needs to be gathered in real time, i.e. the user should be prompted for the input words which are then output in the story.

You need to complete the TODOs then copy your final code into the code challenge. The preceding video explains what's needed.

I hope that helps a little.