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Melissa Preece
Melissa Preece
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Help needed on code challenge!

Hello! I've hit a wall on this challenge, been trying to figure this out since yesterday. I don't understand why I get the message: "Your setter method is returning the wrong value for the major property." I think it's an issue with my conditional statement, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Could someone help please? Thank you in advance!

class Student {
    constructor(gpa, credits){
        this.gpa = gpa;
        this.credits = credits;

    stringGPA() {
        return this.gpa.toString();

    get level() {
        if (this.credits > 90 ) {
            return 'Senior';
        } else if (this.credits > 60) {
            return 'Junior';
        } else if (this.credits > 30) {
            return 'Sophomore';
        } else {
            return 'Freshman';

    set major(major) {
      if ('Junior' || 'Senior') {
        this._major = major;
      } else if ('Freshman' || 'Sophomore') {
        this._major = 'None';

var student = new Student(3.9, 60);

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You were on the right track, the conditional tests in your "if" statement are not complete. You have the target values, but they still need to be compared to the level. For example:

      if (this.level == 'Junior' || this.level == 'Senior') {