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Amber Deckard
Amber Deckard
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HELP! SyntaxError in

import random

def game(): # generate a random number between 1 and 10 secret_num = random.randint(1,10) guesses = {}

while len(guesses) < 5:
        # get a number guess from the player
        guess = int(input("Guess a number between 1 and 10:"))
    except ValueError:
        print("{} isn't a number!".format(guess))
        # compare guess to secret number
        if guess == secret_num:
            print("You got it! My number was {}".format(secret_num))
        else guess < secret_num:
            print("My number is higher than {}".format(guess))
        elif guess > secret_num:
            print("My number is lower than {}".format(guess))
            print("You didn't get it! My number was {}".format(secret_num))
    play_again = input("Do you want to play again? Y/N")
    if play_again.lower() != 'n':
        print("Bye Felicia!")

game() # print hit/miss

I continue to get a syntax error:

File "", line 19
else guess < secret_num:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

1 Answer

Robert Ionut Muraru
Robert Ionut Muraru
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You probably want to use elif instead of else at line 19 where you get the syntax error.