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help with error --- jinja2.exceptions.TemplateSyntaxError: unexpected ']', expected ')'

I'm getting this error as stated above

import json

from flask import (Flask, render_template, redirect,
                   url_for, request, make_response)

from options import DEFAULTS

app = Flask(__name__)

def get_saved_data():
        data = json.loads(request.cookies.get('character'))
    except TypeError:
        data = {}
    return data

def index():
    data = get_saved_data()
    return render_template('index.html', saves = get_saved_data())

def builder():
    return render_template(
        options = DEFAULTS

@app.route('/save', methods =['POST'])
def save():
    response = make_response(redirect(url_for('builder')))
    data = get_saved_data()
    response.set_cookie('character', json.dumps(data))
    return response = True, host = '', port = 8000)


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