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Jenny Suh
Jenny Suh
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help with .main-pg set to paragraph class

<!doctype html>
    <link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet">

    <p> <h1 class=".main-pg"</h1>

   My amazing website</p>

<p> class=".main-pg"{


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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You've got the class part right, but you have parts of another element there also (h1). The class setting should go right after the "p" inside the "<p>" tag :point_right: <p class=".main-pg">

And nothing goes yet on the "styles.css" tab. When it does, the syntax will be different.

When creating a class for an HTML element make sure to leave out the '.' when defining the class so for example:

You're asking to have the .main-pg set to paragraph class so it should be <p class="main-pg"> and not <p class=".main-pg">

And then when you're creating a declaration on the CSS style sheet to refer to the class you created you don't need to include the carrots.

To refer to a class element you simply just need to put the '.' to refer to any class created.

So it would be .main-pg

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
187,498 Points

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