Python Challenge Solution

youssef b10ta
youssef b10ta
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Here is My Aprproach

players = []
answer = 'yes'
while answer == 'yes':
        answer = input('Would you like to add a player to your list yes|no  ').lower()
        if answer == 'yes':
            add_name = input('Enter the name of the player you like like to add ')
print('The number of the players on this team is {}'.format(len(players)))
count = 0
while count < len(players):
    print('Player {}: {}'.format(count+1 , players[count]))
    count += 1
goalkeeper = int(input('Please Select a goalkeeper from 1-{}  '.format(len(players))))
print('The Goalkeeper for this game will be {}'.format(players[goalkeeper-1]))
Eldin Guzin
Eldin Guzin
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Nice work!,That really is a unique way of approaching this :D

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great code!, but just a correction (btw innecesary but it's always up to what actually is asking)

the first question is "Would you like to add 'A' player" next ones are "Would you like to add 'ANOTHER' player"

as I repeat it's innecesary but sometimes clients are picky.

again nice, code!