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Esther AlQaisi
Esther AlQaisi
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Here's my code (I converted the search variable toLowerCase)

I'm surprised Guil didn't do this since he's done it before in previous videos! I feel smarter than the teacher... lol! (let me have my moment) I tried Guil's code and input "Pizza" (with capital P) into the prompt box, and it returned "Sorry, we don't currently have Pizza." So I thought to convert the search variable toLowerCase so it would always match, no matter the case of the letters. Here's my code:

const inStock = ['pizza', 'cookies', 'eggs', 'apples', 'milk', 'cheese', 'bread', 'lettuce', 'carrots', 'broccoli', 'potatoes', 'crackers', 'onions', 'tofu', 'limes', 'cucumbers'];

const search = prompt('Search for a product.'); let message;

if ( inStock.includes( search.toLowerCase() ) ) { message = Yes, we have <strong>${search.toLowerCase()}</strong>.; } else { message = Sorry, we don't currently have <strong>${search.toLowerCase()}</strong>.;


document.querySelector('main').innerHTML = <p>${message}</p>;

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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There will often be opportunities to make the exercise code more elegant, as the examples are always focused on a particular point and not intended to be comprehensive solutions.

Making the search case-insensitive is a very practical enhancement, good thinking!   :+1:

But don't do this on the challenges, the automation is very picky about what it expects and anything extra can confuse it.   :see_no_evil: