HTML HTML Basics Images, Text and Links Images and File Paths Challenge

Lynn Collins
Lynn Collins
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Here's my description so far

Now what should I do?

<!DOCTYPE html> 
    <title>The Moon</title>
<img src="img/moon.jpg"</img><alt=Picture of the moon"
<img src="path to image" alt="Provide alternative text for accessibility" alt="Picture of the moon"/>
 <alt=Picture of the moon/>

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Rich Donnellan
Rich Donnellan
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Hi (again), Lynn.

It looks like you're new to TH, so I'll let you know that you should refrain from asking the same question multiple times in a row. Since you're stuck on the same problem, you can keep adding to a single question/thread just like an email.

As I recommended, please rewatch the videos and take a look at the Teacher's Notes below each one. There is a code snippet that more or less gives you what you need to solve the challenge. You'll just have to replace the filler content with the values the challenge expects.

You follow?