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Jordan Ward
Jordan Ward
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Hey guys in my version of Xcode tint.Color is passing compiler but not doing the command in the app.

So I typed FunFactLabel.tintColor = randomColor and it passed compiler fine. But in the app itself the text did not change color. So I went to the storyboard and manual changed it and for me it would change under text Color not tint Color. I wonder if anyone has the same thing. I tried to use under UIColor textColor but nothing came up. Any help would be great.

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Jeff McDivitt
Jeff McDivitt
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You should be using it not he button not the label

    @IBAction func getFactsBtn(_ sender: Any) {

        factsLabel.text = factProvidor.randomFact()
        let randomColor = colorProvidor.randomColor()
        view.backgroundColor = randomColor
       \\Here is the button
        funFactBtn.tintColor = randomColor