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Barak TheProgrammer
Barak TheProgrammer
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hey, im on php basics course with Alea Holligan.

my question is about the second's video teacher's notes, i didn't understand what does she mean over there. may someone will clear it for me please? thanks :)

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Just note that it isn't that important.

It's just explaining that echo and print are a little bit different, because print returns the value 1 and echo doesn't return anything.

Just keep in mind to try to use echo and only use print when you really have to. The echo function/method is a little but faster and is used more often.


Barak TheProgrammer
Barak TheProgrammer
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what does it mean "print return 1" cause as i get it print just need to output the text dont it?

The print function does print out the value of whatever you say, but it returns 1.

Returning a value isn't the same as printing a value :)

For example take a look at this:


    $someValue = print("Hi!");
    echo $someValue;


The code above will print out:


Anyway, you will learn more about functions and returning values in a future video :smile: