HTML HTML Basics Getting Started with HTML Headings and Paragraphs Challenge

hi friends, please i need help

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <title>Headings and Paragraphs</title>
   <h1>This is the Main Headline!</h1>  
    Oat cake chocolate bar jelly. Tootsie roll cheesecake sweet gummies candy cookie pudding cotton candy carrot cake. Souffl&eacute; caramels brownie oat cake cheesecake.

   <h2> Level 2 Heading </h2>
    Ice cream candy canes muffin icing pudding muffin jelly topping carrot cake. I love gingerbread dessert jujubes bonbon cupcake tootsie roll I love. Oat cake topping caramels I love cupcake oat cake chocolate topping donut.

   <h3> Level 3 Heading </h3>
    Cotton candy topping halvah sugar plum gummies souffl&eacute;. Ice cream danish donut sugar plum. Macaroon carrot cake gummies. Caramels oat cake chocolate cake.

1 Answer

It looks like you are missing paragraph tags. Wrap paragraph tags around the paragraphs and see if that helps with your results.