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General Discussion

Shailesh Gor
Shailesh Gor
2,975 Points

Hi I know it sounds like silly question but . I am beginner for web designer .Which laptop is good for me Mac or Window

I want to buy new laptop so I think you genius will help me.

3 Answers

i recently bought myself a macbook air to teach myself to code and personally i couldn't be happier.I had a windows before and i also liked it.This is actually my first ever apple product that i own now,super light,and i just love how it works and how quiet it is.Just my two cents

Hi Shailesh,

to be honest, there is no best option so to say.

It is personal preference in the first place.

But honestly? I bought a Macbook Pro 17'' in 2009 when I flew over to the States visiting Chicago. And you know I am still working with that almost 6 year old machine. It runs quickly. I have upgraded my HDD to a SolidState Drive 2 years ago and it became even faster.

I also upgraded from 4GB RAM to 8GB a year ago.

I still love my "old" Macbook.

It looks awesome, as if it was still brandnew. That aluminium unibody's design is timeless. And when I bought it, I decided to choose a mat display screen over one of these shining and glossy displays they want to sell in the first place XD. It was slightly more expensive, but it allows me to work on my macbook without annoying mirroreffect.

It runs flawleslly with Mac OS Yosemite, which is the latest Apple OS. And I haven't even thought about buying a newer one, because it is still fast, reliable and up to date.

If I compare a Windows Laptop to that... hm. Buy one now and you'll have to buy a new one in 2 years - or at least upgrade most of the components. Just two years ago I assisted a client when she wanted to buy a new laptop. She didn't want to spend more than 300-500EUR on it. Ok that's a tough one.

Now 2 years later... she has started to learn Photoshop. And uses it for her textile design work. Thus she kept installing high res patterns to the PS presets. That slowed her laptop down so much. like a snail. Even when we upgraded the RAM, it wasn't a lot faster.

The only improvement possible was to store the patterns on an exernal drive and only install the pattern that she currently needed and throw out the rest.

My Macbook never had such problems... and it's running permanently. For example right now: Photoshop is opened in the background. There is a logo design project opened, as well as some image retouch files. About 6 or 8 files are opened. Then there is dreamweaver running. 14 opened files. 5 of them javascripts, some php, css and html files. Of course Apple Mail is opened. Checking my email constantly. I have 10 Mail accouts that are being checked constantly. IMAP as wel as POP3. Then there is skype opened, my text editor, Adobe PDF, my Notes app, that syncs with my iphone, Chrome which runs12 tabs atm. And somewhere on the desktop is also my terminal with an SSH connection to my vserver running. As well as ForkLift, which is connected to 4 different FTP servers (different clients). And my Macbooks fans aren't even running.

I just feel that my Macbook Pro is a lot more reliable and resilient than any low budget windows laptop.

So my subjective recommendation would always be: if you have the money, spend 1500-2000USD on a 17'' Macbook Pro with mat display and solid state drive (SSD).

In 2009 my Macbook Pro with 4GB RAM and an HDD cost 2000USD. The SSD with 512GB cost me 130EUR. I bought it during a crazy friday from amazon. And my additional RAM cost about 50EUR. also from amazon.

If you are a student you can get special pricing in the apple edu store.

P.S.: I vote for TeamTreehouse students to be valid students :) Hey TeamTrehouse can you please make us valid customers for the edu apple store? THANK YOU ;)

Shailesh Gor
Shailesh Gor
2,975 Points

Thanks for your replay it s really help me.

Jason Anders
Jason Anders
Treehouse Moderator 145,855 Points

I've used nothing but Macs since the old "Apple IIe" (which I still have and it still runs). In my opinion, Macs are best for designing and are worth the extra cost, because they last almost forever, upgrades (or updates) are often free or very well priced, and there is very little worry about viruses or malware infecting your machine.

Ultimately, it is up to you, but I've had nothing but great successes with my Macs. I have 3... Desktop is a few years old... laptop is 14 years old... and my Mac IIe.