iOS Swift Basics An Introduction to Swift Programming Working With Variables

Hi I need help

I need help what I’m doing wrong

// Enter your code below

var str = "Swift"

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Brendan Whiting
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Brendan Whiting
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I pasted your code into the challenge and got this error message: "Make sure your variable is named language!" and that's exactly that the problem is, you've called the variable str instead of language.

I still don’t get it

No I already pass the challenge, now I’m in the second one and in my computer Xcode I trying to put the code and in the right side the answer doesn’t appears

It happens from time to time... Quit Xcode and give 'er another shot.

Hi Ronald,

In X Code 10 the code no longer automatically "evaluates" thus providing the results in the right-hand side. It's quite annoying.

Try pressing Shift + Enter or if you see a blue Play icon in the gutter on the left side, click that to see the results.

X Code 10 Play Button

Unfortunately, the iOS course material has not yet been updated to reflect this change.

Best of luck!