Python Python Basics (2015) Logic in Python Conditional Value

Hi I'm not sure I totally understand the challenge. for setting a variable to true or false using boolean logic.

If admitted has been assigned to false (i.e. none), How do I reassign it to become true. I had attempted to reassign to age which worked but when I wanted to include the else statement, the first code became invalid. Would appreciate any insight on this.
admitted = None
if age>=13:
    admitted =bool(1)
    else admitted = bool(0)

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Alex Koumparos
Alex Koumparos
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Hi Ifeoma,

While it is true that bool(1) evaluates to True. It's better practice to just assign True directly:

admitted = True

As for your invalid code, this is because your else statement is at the wrong indentation level. else should always be indented at the same level as its corresponding if.