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Hi, My changes aren't working after I did my CSS. Help?

Please help to tell me why my list is not updating.

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Ryan S
Ryan S
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Hi Yitzchak,

I went through your code and I think I found the issue.

In your .Profile-Photo (the second last rule, just before .contact-info), you have a stray hyphen in between the closing bracket and the comment. It is a syntax error that is causing everything after it to not be applied. If you remove that, everything should work.

Page: About

.Profile-Photo {display:block;  /* Allows us to use auto margins to center the element on the page.  By default, images are displayed in line.  We don't want this image displayed in line with the rest of the text.  Act as a block taking up space with a width and a height.  */
                max-width: 150px;
                margin: 0 auto 30px;
                border-radius: 100%;} - /* Allows you to add rounded corners to our element.  100% will make the pic a circle as opposed to being a square.  */

Yes, that is it thanks so much. Another colleague told me about That also works great for catching these things.

Ryan S
Ryan S
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Hi Yitzchak,

It would be helpful if you provided details on what changes you are trying to make and what is not working in your code.

I did notice that in your navigation menu, you have a syntax error in your "contact" link on all 3 pages. Is that the list you are referring to?

<li><a href="contact.html">Contact<a/></li>   <!-- closing anchor tag should be </a> not <a/>  -->

Yes, thanks. I did see that and fix that afterwards, but that was not my issue.

On the Contact.html, in the second <section> I put in <ul class="contact-info">.

I then entered multiple CSS using the class, but it did not work, and I can't seem to figure out why the css in class .contact-info won't work.