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Sinazo Nongena
Sinazo Nongena
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HI, my code looks correct but it keeps saying incorrect please help.

Please assist
class student:
    name = 'sinazo'

You need to capitalize the 's' student.

2 Answers

Your code is correct BUT, always remember 2 things when solving challenges or programming in general.

1) The challenges are always very sensitive, meaning if you miss a period, comma, or even if a small-case letter, it will give you an error. The best way is to run your code in the REPL if you can't figure out what is wrong with your code.

2) There are some conventions which are followed or some common naming-style rules amongst programmers like for example when naming a class it should always be CamelCase, which is the case of your problem.

class Student:  #👈 use of CamelCase for classes
    name = "sinazo"

Names are always capitalized