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hi, my code won't run,it display unexpected EOF while parsing message


tickets_remaining = 100

output how many tickets are remaining using the ticket_remaining variable

print( "There are {} tickest remaining." .format (tickets_remaining))

Gather the user's name and assign it to a variable

name = input ("What is your name?" )

prompt the user by name and ask how many tickets they would like

num_tickets = input(" How many tickets would you like,{}? ".format (name)) num_tickets =int(num_tickets)

calculate the price (number of tickets multiplied by the price) and assign it a variable

amount_due =num_tickets * TICKET_PRICE

output the price to the screen

print("The total due is ${}" .format(amount_due)

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You are missing a closing parenthesis on this line:

print("The total due is ${}".format(amount_due))

thanks a lot Kris!