HTML HTML Basics Getting Started with HTML Headings and Paragraphs Challenge

Mcdonald Matiki
Mcdonald Matiki
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hi on the challenge Task 3 of 3, I believe am putting the level 3 element but correct answer, but it is being rejected.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <title>Headings and Paragraphs</title>
    <h1>This is the Main Headline!</h1>  
    <p>Oat cake chocolate bar jelly. Tootsie roll cheesecake sweet gummies candy cookie pudding cotton candy carrot cake. Souffl&eacute; caramels brownie oat cake cheesecake.</p>

    <h2>Level 2 Heading</h2> 
    <p>Ice cream candy canes muffin icing pudding muffin jelly topping carrot cake. I love gingerbread dessert jujubes bonbon cupcake tootsie roll I love. Oat cake topping caramels I love cupcake oat cake chocolate topping donut.<p>

    <h3>Level 3 Heading</h3>
    <p>Cotton candy topping halvah sugar plum gummies souffl&eacute;. Ice cream danish donut sugar plum. Macaroon carrot cake gummies. Caramels oat cake chocolate cake.</p>

2 Answers

Bert Witzel
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Bert Witzel
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Hi Mcdonald Matiki, the <p> element after your <h2></h2> does not have a closing </p> tag. These exercises sometimes don't always clearly identify the problem, so you have to look over the entire code sometimes to see what the issue is. Happy coding!

Mcdonald Matiki
Mcdonald Matiki
1,153 Points

Thanks alot Bert for the patience of looking into my question. For sure i had failed to identify the omission.