Hi there, am having trouble with the code below and it seems quite right. Kindly help me with it.

I am to create function named combiner that takes a single argument, which will be a list made up of strings and numbers.

And it should return single string that is a combination of all of the strings in the list and then the sum of all of the numbers. For example, with the input ["apple", 5.2, "dog", 8], combiner would return "appledog13.2". And the instruction says, "Be sure to use isinstance to solve this as I might try to trick you."
def combiner(mixed_list):
    mixed_string = ""

    for item in mixed_list:

    return mixed_string

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Kuanyshbek Ospanov
Kuanyshbek Ospanov
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First, create variables that will contain strings and numbers. After that use this if statement:

if isinstance(item, str):
    list_strs += item
    ist_nums += item

Then combine them and return

return list_strs + str(list_nums)


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You have a good start but you are missing a few things. You should review isinstance first. You can do that here

In your for in loop you need to check if item is a string or a number using isinstance. If it is a string append it to your string variable. If it is a number add it to a sum variable. Note: you should check for both integer and float. Once complete return the combined string variable and sum variable.

Woow, this was very helpfull. Thanks Kris