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Hi, this is Lakshmi from India. I would like to know to how to use workspace

I would like to know how to use workspace.

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Jonathan Grieve
Jonathan Grieve
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Hello there. :-)

You can access Workspaces in a few ways.

Courses that use Workspace will have a link called "Launch Workspace" on the video page. Then you can follow along and write your code alongside the main video. If the video doesn't utilise Workspaces, you don't see that video.

You'll also notice a link on the right hand side of the top bar which is the main Navigation. You can access any Workspace that you have made from there.

Hope this helps :)

Waqar Hussain
Waqar Hussain
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Hi Lakhsmi, I'm new here myself, but I noticed the question and thought I'd answer, the best way to access the workspace drawn by the program with all its content is to click on the workspace button on the bottom right of the video player. Hope that helps. :)

If you are trying to use a mobile device or tablet, workspace is not available.