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How can I add paypal payment system on my website?

I created the website on this class "Using PHP with MySQL" and used a shopping cart template but I don't know how I can add paypal payment system. Which course is teaching us how to do that?

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Cindy Lea
Cindy Lea
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You can use Paypal, but you will need to probably use the code they provide you for free to create a shopping cart. You might be able to substitute parameters & use yours.... I did this once a while ago & after you type in details, they give you code to paste into your html code. I think you will need separate code for every item you sell so it goes into shopping cart correctly & they provide that. I remember it being pretty easy. I think its under development tools somewhere in PayPal.

Hey Kohane Kagami , In treehouse there was a course available for students on ecommerce website which now hidden from students but the course still exist here which help you in understanding paypal integration.

Hi. Naoufal, I took the course but the teacher didn't teach me how to integrate paypal. Maybe you are talking about a different course.

Oh that's very nice. Thank you very much Naoufal!! I really appreciate it. :)

Also thank you for the response Cindy!