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How can I do this properly?

user_grade = input('what grade are') user_grade = int('what grade was') print("What was your grade?")

('If the user_grade is >= 90 then user_grade gets input = a') print("The grade is an A") ('if the user_grade is < 90 then user_grade input = f") print("The grade is an f"


Have the user enter a number representing the grade (0-100) Convert the number grade to a letter grade
favorite_color = input("What is your favorite color?  ")
Kevin Esther
Kevin Esther
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Hi Christiian,

I give it ago. I used pandas data frames to create a lookup table so I could iterate the data frame to return the grade from the user.

It would need some checking so user could only submit integer 1 to 100 etc...

# import pandas
import pandas as pd

# create empty list
grade = []

# create data frame with 1 to 100
df = pd.DataFrame({'score': range(1,101)})

for row in df['score']:
    if row >= 90: grade.append('a')
    if row < 90: grade.append('f')

# create a new column from list
df['empty'] = grade

# ask user what grade they got
user_grade = int(input('what grade are?  '))

# create a new dataframe of resulting grade
df_result = df[df['score']==user_grade]

print("Hi user your grade is " + str(df_result.iloc[0,1]))

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Thank you very much .