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How can I download Xcode? I am running 10.12.6 and the app store says I need a newer operating system.

I can't download XCode to even being learning swift. Is there anything I can do about this? What steps do I need to take in order to be able to get Xcode?

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Juan Pablo Lazcano
Juan Pablo Lazcano
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Xcode need a modern version of macOS, sorry but you need to update your mac in order to use Xcode, there`s no other answer to this problem

Yahya Lam
Yahya Lam
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You can download an older version of Xcode on the Apple Website. Use the link from the answer above.

I don't think the answer from Juan Pablo Lazcano is correct. I had the same issue and If you can't install it from within Apple App Store, visit Apple Developer ( and download the app there. An Apple ID is required.

Xcode is provided as xip file (signed zip). You can simply unzip it by using (i.e. with a double-click).