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how can i get the same workspace that he has in the video? If I open a workspace for myself its empty.

I need it to mimic what he does with his html file.

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Cameron Childres
Cameron Childres
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Hey Benjamin,

You can download the project files for the course, linked below the video in the "downloads" tab. They've included files for both the start and the end of the lessons so you should be able to find what you need in there. You can either work with them locally in your own text editor or copy and paste the contents into your workspace.

This is the link to the question I answered. I was getting errors that were not syntax related and this is how I solved it. If your just looking to have the workspace popup in a tab, make sure your using google chrome. Then simply right click on the page and set it to shop as a tab. Then drag that tab to the open browser section with the video

here is the link to the question with my answer. Copy and paste it. Hope it can help you.