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how can I refresh the browser in workspace?

I don't see the refresh icon in my workspace screen and stuck in 3:47.. I use chrome and I only see on top of the screen, where can I try the refresh?

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Cameron Childres
Cameron Childres
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Hi Mia,

The URL you're seeing indicates that you are still in the workspace window (where you type code). To view the results of your code for this video you'll need to click the preview button first -- that's the eye icon in the top right of your workspace. This will open a new window that should have the refresh option by default. The preview window's URL will start with something like "port-80".

If the preview window does not have the refresh option and you're on Windows you can right click and select "reload", use the shortcut CTRL+R, or press F5.

Thanks a million!!

Hi Mia!

I hope this is what you mean...

On my mac, I can go to the top bar in Chrome and navigate to View > Reload Page

Or use:

Cmd + R

I hope that helps.

Stay safe and happy coding!

Keytron Brown
Keytron Brown
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It works. thank you very much.