Python Python Basics (2015) Letter Game App Exiting

how come my code did call the sys.exit()??

this is what i under stand from the code i wrote: import the system libery

get the user input

if the user input different than "n" or user input different than "N":

  then print Enjou the show


 exit the system(sys.exit())
import sys
start_movie = input ( 'Do you want to start a movie Y/n')
if start_movie != 'n' or start_movie != "N":
    print("Enjoy the show")
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When an OR clause is evaluated, any condition that is true makes the whole OR clause true.

  • If your input is 'N', your OR clause would be True OR False which evaluates as True
  • If your input is 'n', your OR clause would be False OR True which evaluates to True

Try replacing your or with an and. Optionally you could call the .lower() method on start_movie and get rid of the OR clause altogether.