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How come TICKET_PRICE is in all caps?

Hey! I know Craig explained in a previous video why he capitalized MASTER_PASSWORD and here he is capitalizing TICKET_PRICE but I didn't quite understand. Could someone please explain it to me? Thanks!

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Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
Treehouse Teacher

Hi, Louis Espinoza ! Some languages have the concept of "constants". C#, Swift and other strongly typed languages jump to mind. Even JavaScript has constants. These values are "set in stone" if you want to think of it that way. They may not be overwritten or altered during the execution of the program. For instance, it would be odd to have a program that uses Pi in conjunction with calculating the area or circumference of a circle and allow it to be overwritten because the value of pi should never change.

However, Python (along with some others like PHP) don't really have the same thing. One convention to denote a value that should not change is to write it with all caps.

Hope this helps! :sparkles:

Thank you Jennifer Nordell

Your response was very helpful. :)