JavaScript React Basics Understanding State Remove Items From State

Felix Ding
Felix Ding
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How come we don't have to bind thisArg in the onClick event for remove player?

Earlier when we constructed the onClick call back for the increment button, we had to bind the call back during assignment:

<button className="counter-action increment" onClick={this.incrementScore.bind(this)}> + </button>

I understood this as the call site is DOM, we needed to bind the callback function. If you log thisArg without binding in incrementScore, you would get undefined.

However, we didn't need do bind removePlayer here:


And if you were to log this from handleRemovePlayer, you would get App. I don't understand what the difference is between the two aforementioned scenarios.

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Slava Serbov
Slava Serbov
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Because "handleRemovePlayer" is an arrow function.