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How do I access the page that says "Hello, JavaScript!"?

I'm trying to run the alert, but I don't know how to get on the JavaScript page to do so. Please help me

2 Answers

I found a solution. I was referring to the preview page in the Treehouse workspace. Now, I know how to access it. Thank you!

There is not a javascript page, but you can run javascript in the console (CTRL + SHIFT + I on windows / chrome)

you can also link your javascript file from your html, that way you can run javascript from your webpage, but make sure to call the functions too.

Thank you for responding. I know how to access the console to my computer for JavaScript. However, I was referring specifically to the blue page that Guil Hernandez was using in his "Add JavaScript to HTML" video to run the script and alert from his workspace.

nice, good job :)