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Marcus Pedersen
Marcus Pedersen
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how do I add an if statement to check if firstExample is equal to secondExample?

I am learning Java and I am a bit confused on how I can add an if statement that checks if firstExample is equal to secondExample
// I have imported a for you, it is named console. 
String firstExample = "hello";
String secondExample = "hello";
String thirdExample = "HELLO";
if (secondExample = "hello")) {
  console.printf("first is equal to second");

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Jonathan Hermansen
Jonathan Hermansen
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You should be aware that the '==' operator compares object references, and not the text itself. So if you later have a string created with the new keyword (another reference) like this:

String secondExample = new String("hello");

and you compare the strings:

firstExample == secondExample

you will get false, e.g. strings are not equal.

So the right way to compare two strings is to use the .equals()-method from the String class itself, like this:


this will return true, e.g. strings are equal.

The image below shows how the equals()-method works, and how two strings (s1 and s2) refers to the same object.

comparing strings

Use the variable names and == operator in the if statement.

if(firstExample == secondExample) { // do your stuff }