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Zach Fowler
Zach Fowler
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how do i do this?? i cant seem to figure it out

im new to code and cant seem to figure this out plz help me

const name = "Andrew";
const details = { favouriteLanguage: "JavaScript", age: 33, children: 3 } 
const errorMessage = "Something bad has occurred";
console.dir ({name "andrew: "})

1 Answer

Brendan Whiting
Brendan Whiting
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What you want is console.log(name);

The console object has a log method, and they want you to pass the name variable that was declared on line 1 as an argument to the method.

It might be a good idea to start at the beginning of the JavaScript Basics track if you're new to code, and new to JavaScript, before jumping into the Node course.