iOS Swift Basics An Introduction to Swift Programming Constants

Francis Anthony Lopez
Francis Anthony Lopez
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How do I enable seeing signal errors beside my line number in Xcode?

I'm doing swift 3 basics and the Xcode app i'm using does not show the line errors by the line number or gutter section. How do I go about enabling that?

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Xcode -> Preferences (CMD + ,) -> General -> Show live issues

Laksakan Krishnapillai
Laksakan Krishnapillai
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Hi Marcus. I have tried your method, however, mine is showing on the top and not beside the gutter. Any suggestions?

I am having the same issue. No errors in gutter. Only errors in the bar along the top of the Xcode window.

Correct, it appears to occur on first load of X-Code, once you restart they'll appear in the gutter.

Have you tried creating a new playground and seeing whether the issue persists? If not it might be something in your project/playground.

I have witnessed this error too, however usually restarting xcode or closing a scope I forgot to close did the trick.

Do you have continue building after errors on? (you should)

It is also important to know that buildtime errors (of course) does not show before build time.

I started a new playground on another Mac and the error message DID show up at first, and then stopped showing a few minutes later. Upon restarting Xcode it started working again, so it seems to be an issue with Xcode that is only solved by restarting.

I'm having the same issue, but it seems that this is not a bug.

I'm getting the error messages on the right side of the written code line, and not to the left side ie in the "gutter"

I believe this is just a new feature in the latest Xcode (Version 9.2)