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How do i find out the port number i should use for my website?

simple question

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You can also run the following SQL query in MySQL console or phpMyAdmin -> Query window to get the port number:

SHOW VARIABLES WHERE variable_name = 'port';

Hi trisha,

Port number for what? Different services use different ports. The apache web port is probably 80. Are you talking about a hosting service?

Put this in a file, call it whatever you want as long as it has a php extension. I just name mine phpinfo.php. Put this on your website and run it from your browser. It will give you more info than you will ever use.



im trying to find out the port number to use when connect to my database example the one for MAMP =8889

I'm not a Mac user (Linux) but I believe 8889 is correct. You can still use the script I provided above. Since you get so much information, use the browser find function and enter mysql.

that worked thank you :)