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John Fulstone
John Fulstone
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How do I get index html with my JavaScript file into Java Basics?

I cant get my html script from my workspace to my JavaScript Basics tab. I'm on this course for boneheads. Any ideas?

Heidi Fryzell
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Heidi Fryzell
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Hi John,

The link to your workspace isn't working.

The way that I know how to link to a workspace is while you are in the workspace, click on the Camera Icon in the top right Corner of the page. Then click on take a snapshot. And it will generate a link that looks like this: that you can paste into your post.

Once you fix the link I'm sure someone will be happy to take a look at you code.

Happy Coding!

1 Answer

This is how i got it to work.

So I posted an answer I think will help you. It is under the last section with the linking of JS to HTML. Basically, when i was getting this error, something was wrong with the workspace that was created for me. I had to create a new workspace that was identical to get this all to work.

here is the link to the question with my answer. Copy and paste it. Hope it can help you.