How do I get my href to work?

I am having some trouble linking my document to HTML inside my document. So far, it will take me to the new web page; as a hyperlink should. But, I am unable to display anything on that page.

Every time I click on my herf on my web page it takes me to a page that says, "Not Found and the requested URL /<a was not found on this server."

Thank You for all your help and assistance, everyone, I found out that my issue was my file path.

1 Answer

Jamie Reardon
Jamie Reardon
Treehouse Project Reviewer

Sounds like your closing </a> tag after the text of the anchor element is not closed properly. Check that it is like so: </a> and not /<a

A valid anchor element appears like so:

<a href="linktopage.html">Your Link Text</a>

Thank you, Jamie Reardon.