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Eric Beasley
Eric Beasley
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How do I get the same project structure? Can't manually create it to follow along....

How do I get the same project structure as the video? I'm using the latest IntelliJ and can't follow along. Manually creating it is difficult because creating a Java Class option isn't available..... If I try to "downgrade" and use an older IntelliJ, it doesn't work, because it can't find my JDK, which is fine if I use the latest instead...I was really excited about this track but it's really confusing and frustrating to hit a road block this early on.

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Ben Deitch
Ben Deitch
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Hi Eric!

Looks like they moved that setting on us. You'll need to go into Gradle settings and set it there:

  • Use CTRL+SHIFT+A to bring up the Action Search menu and type 'gradle'.
  • Choose the option that says 'Gradle' on the left and 'Settings' on the right.
  • Check the box for 'Create directories for empty content roots automatically' and hit OK.

Hope that helps!