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how do i install a default mail app on my computer?

my e-mail link does not pop-up

2 Answers

By default your browser should handle this somehow, so it's a bit surprising you're getting nothing. First check, have you written your email link like:

<a href="">Email me</a>

? That should always trigger an email action.

If you want to change what happens, it depends on what browser you are using, and how you want the link to be handled. Are you wanting to open a new email in your default email program (like "Outlook" or "Mail" on Windows, or "Mail" on a Mac), or are you wanting to open Gmail in a new window or something?

This was for the VR experience in the HTML basics work spaces. I typed the e-mail as instructed by Guil in the video but when clicking on it, i got nothing.

I know its been a while and I'm not sure if you got it to work. I don't have Outlook so I used gmail.

Heres a quick guide on how to make it work with your gmail account

I also added a target="_blank" to the code so that it opens on a different tab