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How do I limit the search to let's say 5 or 10 images displayed?

I want to control my program so it displays the exact number of images I want. Also, can someone point me to the good resource to learn to add "loading" wheel when user waits for the AJAX response to happen.


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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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When you display the results, instead of using ".each" to create an element for every image, use another kind of loop where you can specify a limit on the iterations. Or use "slice" to get a subset of "data.items" and run "$.each" on that.

Ans you can easily find "loading animations" or "spinners" with any search engine. Here's a collection of several I spotted in a quick search that are implemented using CSS animations: Loaders and Spinners. Typically, you would display the spinner when you submit the AJAX request, and then hide it when you display request results.