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How do I participate in a "Challenge"?

How do I participate in a "Challenge"? I see my teammates taking challenges, and it is showing up in TTH leaderboard.

1 Answer

Jason Anders
Jason Anders
Treehouse Moderator 145,095 Points

Hi Syed,

Every Course you take will have Quizzes and Challenges. Some have just Quizzes, but many do have challenges as well. You receive points as you go through the Courses.

  • One point for each video watched
  • 6 points for each Quiz taken and passed
  • 12 points for each completed Code Challenge for the courses.
  • 30 points for each section of a Course completed.
  • 90 points for a completed Course.

You also can receive points for participation in the Community. Upvotes on your answers are 1 point and Best Answers are 12 points.

So, there really isn't specific challenges being done, just regular and ongoing participation on Treehouse. If you click on Leaderboards in the Community, you can see your progress. As of this post, you have 519 points, and they will add up pretty fast.

Keep Coding! :) :dizzy:


Thank you for such a quick and helpful response. I will keep that in mind. You have a FunTasTic Weekend ahead.

Best Regards, Syed H